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Red Light District in Lahore Pakistan

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Lahore is famous for Hira Mandi (Diamond Market) the red light district which is a house for courtesans and people from all walks of life throng this place to see sensual dances called as Mujras here. Today Lahore’s Heera Mandi has turned into a pure red light district of Pakistan where you will get prostitutes in Lahore to have sex with. Many girls here come from all over Pakistan and work as sex workers in Lahore willingly or unwillingly. The law abiding people as well the police and other people responsible for enforcement of law turn a blind eye to this sex market in Lahore as they know that much of Lahore’s economy depends on the presence of such a red light area in Lahore. People who come to Lahore for any reason can’t return without having sex with some beautiful escort girl from Lahore.

Prostitutes and Sex workers in Lahore Pakistan

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The number of sex workers or prostitutes in Lahore is growing day by day this is because of the poor economic conditions in this part of the world. It is also said that in Pakistan every girl carries a price tag! This means that literally, any girl in Lahore is ready to sleep with you in lieu of money. The prostitutes in Lahore from Heera Mandi come as cheap as 100 PKR and they are ready to have sex anywhere and with anyone in Lahore dark and dingy lanes. This means that getting hold of a prostitute in Lahore is not a difficult task and if you are ready for sex you will get a girl spending peanuts. Although its cheap to have sex with sex workers in Lahore but its dangerous too as most of the prostitutes in Pakistan are already suffering from dangerous diseases such as AIDS. Also, those who are new are doing sex in dirty and unhealthy conditions without using condoms and any other protection. Hence, they all are exposed to a variety of health hazards which in turn can make you their target if you penetrate these whores in Lahore.

Pickup points, Brothels in Lahore Pakistan

There are so many pickup points or brothels in Lahore that it is not possible that we give details of all here! Hence we are mentioning a few places which are hit amongst people searching for sex in Lahore. Model Town, Johar Town, Faisal Town, Garden Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Paragon City, Mughalpura, Samanabad, Gulberg, Kot Lakhpat, are some of the places in Lahore where nightlife in Lahore is quite popular.